Vasai East (6000 Sq Ft) , Vasai West (7500 Sq Ft) & Andheri West (5500 Sq Ft)

Kings United – Kingdom of Art is an abode to thousands of dance aspirants with a dream to pursue their passion in the field of dance and to live with their passion entire life. It’s a place where a dancer finds happiness and peace through the art of dance. The institute was formed in the year 2009 as Fictitious Dance Academy and from then, its main objective has always been to educate and nurture students in the field of dance. After the achievement of KINGS UNITED crew at World Hip-Hop Dance Championship in 2015, the institute camp up with our new brand name THE KINGS DANCE STUDIO which was opened on a larger scale with students coming from all over India.


Pictures Cooming Soon
Pictures Cooming Soon

THE KINGS DANCE STUDIO is situated in Vasai East (6000 Sq Ft) , Vasai West (7500 Sq Ft) & Andheri West (5500 Sq Ft) making it one of the largest studios in India. It is a multi-activity center which aims to promote various dances styles and other different performing art forms. We provide several diploma programs and professional training programs for students who are enthusiastic about dance and want to enrich their skills and make a career in the field of dance. The aim of our institute is to provide our students with good quality dance training enabling them to express themselves and learn the right techniques and the pure authentic styles directly from the experts in a student friendly environment. Our vision is to share the benefits of dance with our students in the coming years and also, to spread the joy of performing arts and promote different co-curricular activities in India and use art as a therapeutic power and make people heal physically, mentally and spiritually through it.

We would like to thank our director SURESH MUKUND for providing this wonderful platform for all the dance aspirants across India and also, an opportunity to showcase their talents on this great platform.